We believe the learning is more meaningful when the focus is on the underlying processes of learning and not on the content alone. If the ultimate objective of education is to synthesize our understanding for ourselves, then the teaching-learning processes have to be designed keeping in mind the diversity that exists among children. Pushp Niketan is open to change, receptive to constructive and creative ideas and responsive to the parental needs and concerns by holding the strong values. A well-designed curriculum that is a right mix of academics, creativity, scope for self learning, connection with nature and character building. This also makes learning enjoyable, and brings out the best in our students. The curriculum focuses to develop their cognitive skills. Emerging technologies or relevant issues like sustainable development, Internet, Ecology, Entrepreneurship and Bio-diversity are integrated into the curriculum. Community-based activities are included, to build qualities compassion and empathy.


The curriculum at Pushp Niketan is designed for holistic education which motivates our students to become lifelong learners and seek true knowledge which is experiential and transformational.

Multiple Intelligence Approach
The curriculum is based on the concept of multiple intelligences Howard Gardner’s work around multiple intelligences has had profound impact on thinking and practices in education. The beauty of this theory is that it looks at intelligence as different dimensions and not a single one. Each of these intelligences has its own strengths and constraints. This provides multiple ways to teach rather than one and in a way that children are most likely to learn and least likely to distort.

The curriculum is based on the concept of multiple intelligences and is broadly classified into the following categories.

  • The Preschool Programme. Our early learning programme is designed to provide a colorful childhood and to create love for learning, discoveries and the development of will through a child-friendly atmosphere. The programs offered are designed for the development of various Early Learning Skills and development of social, emotional, cognitive skills also to sharpen the senses. The readiness programme leads to improve skills learning. We are influenced by variety of methods including Dr. Maria Montessori and Rudolf strainer’s early learning programme. Weekly and monthly themes are part of this programme.
  • The Junior school programme our junior school programme is a perfect mixture of learning skills, discoveries integrated leanings and developing the thought process. Students enjoy activity based and project based learning. Scholastic and non scholastic areas are being offered very systematically and with the base of knowledge and skills and understanding .Different learning styles enable teachers to plan lessons keeping in mind different ways in which children learn. The thematic approach adds the beauty of this programme.
  • The Middle school programme is designed for intellectual and social development of the students. Academics is focused very well. Expansion of thinking processes happens by exposure to people who constantly see the larger picture as well at this level.
  • High school programme Independent learners who focus more on scholastic and co scholastic areas without losing the flavor of joyful learning and holistic thinking. Application oriented subject knowledge leads to channelize the interest of their own.

Teaching learning process
Students and educators enjoy the process of teaching and learning at PNS which provides a scope for experiment and explore . During this process they enjoy creativity ,self learning and making connections with their environment, experiences and create the syllabus for each grade is structured, teachers have the autonomy and flexibility to design the curriculum

Teaching Learning process includes

  • Thematic learning
  • Student-centric learning
  • Project-based studies
  • Creativity centered learning
  • Self learning
  • Peer learning
  • Activity based learning
  • Opportunity to make connections with the environment
  • Hands on experiences
  • Development of new knowledge and skills on what they know and what they can do
  • Home school connection
  • Involvement of culture into the class rooms
  • Interactive method
  • Use of Technology
  • Concern of the social issues
  • Integrated activities
  • Outdoor exposure
  • Learning journeys
  • Development of life skills
  • Integrated activities
  • Use of different medias like movies, theatre, music, dance etc….
  • Scope for discoveries
  • Continuous and comprehensive assessment
  • Holistic thinking

Our focus is to move from teacher-centric instruction which reduces students to passive recipients of knowledge. Traditional teaching is a one-way street, where teachers teach and students learn by rote with fear. Hence, we create an environment in which students are systematically encouraged to continually seek their own learning at their participation and responsibility. Our teachers play the role of "facilitators" where students and teachers share the joy of learning, confidence and trust. At PNS we explore the learner centered methods.


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