PNS Hearty Congratulates Ansh Kumar for getting No.1 ranking in India BU-11 in Squash Tournament.
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Pushp Niketan School

Best CBSE School In Dhampur

Pushp Niketan School is located in a semi urban town of Dhampur in the Dhampur Sugar Mills campus in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh State in India. It is situated in a beautiful lush green campus, loved by children. It is visualized to be a world class model for progressive education with child centric education philosophy, pedagogies and processes. Here, we have established a non hierarchical, alternative school promoting excellence in learning and sound values in a safe, supporting and stimulating environment. The school is a nonprofit venture and caters to the people residing in and around Dhampur town and rural areas near by Dhampur.

The UNIQUENESS of Pushp Niketan School

Students in a
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Extra-curricular Activities
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Sporting Activities
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Teachers with 10+ years of experience
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Teacher - Student Ratio
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Campus Security Staff
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Notice Board

Pushp Niketan School visualizes to be a world-class model for progressive education with child-centric education philosophy, pedagogies, and processes.

SEWA Activity

Nature Conservation(Making Compost Pit) Class VI to VIII from 13th July 2024.

Best out of waste Intra House Activity

Class I to VIII from 10th July 2024.

G.K Quiz ( Intra House)

G.K Quiz ( Intra House) Class I to V & VI to VII  from 06th July 2024

Inspire- 1 Begins

Inpire – I begins III & XII from 13th May 2024.

Facilities & Infrastructure