Notice & Events

27 May, 2023

Science Exhibition & PTM

Science Exhibition from Class III to XII  & PTM held from Class I to XII.  

26 May, 2023

Think Tank Club (Sanskriti)

Once Again PNS in Limelight On May 26th a colorful and memorable activity ‘Sanskriti’ was organised in PNS.

20 May, 2023

Intra House Heritage Quiz (Social Science)

Intra House Heritage Quiz (Social Science) from Class VI to VIII

12 May, 2023

Inspire – I Begins

Inspire – I begins from class III to XII.

11 May, 2023

Shlok Recitation (Sanskrit)

Intra House Shlok Competition (Class IX to XII)

6 May, 2023

Mother’s Day Celebration

Greeting Cards Making Activity on Mother’s Day.

29 May, 2022

School Commences

School commences for Staff members

15 June, 2022

Summer Break

Summer Break for Staff commences

14 June, 2022

Last Working Day

Last working day for the staff members

31 May, 2022

Virtual Science Exhibition

Virtual Science Exhibition for the students of Grade VIII. End of Remedial Classes.

27 May, 2022

Virtual Quiz

Virtual GK Quiz for the students of Grade VII

26 May, 2022

Parent Teacher Meeting

Parent Teacher Meeting, discussion of PA-1 performance.