Got some questions?

The school is located in the DSM Campus of the Dhampur Unit.

The school strictly adheres to the CBSE norms and directions.

Maximum instructions are dictated in English, but usage of the Hindi language is also preferred if and where necessary. We offer training the students in three languages: English, Hindi and Sanskrit.

We maintain a healthy 1:30 ratio for student and teachers in higher classes and also for pre-primary and the primary section.

The school has a network of CCTV cameras at maximum spots all around the school. The security guard prohibits the exit of any student from the school compound without a permission letter from the school authority, which is signed by the parents or authorized guardian of the student.

The parent can interact with the teacher after the academic school hours, during the teacher’s 45 minutes of stay back, with prior appointment. The parent can also make a phone call to the teacher during the stipulated time preferred by the teacher.