Extra Curricular Activities

Baal Sabha

Baal Sabha is a concept of PNS to bring out a refined orator or presenter from a child prodigy. It aims at making the student learn to think and act according to the need of the time. The Baal Sabha is an integral part of the school, where each child is given an opportunity, or a little enthusiasm for participation. This branch has been sprouted in order to inculcate habits of team spirit, confidence and communication skills. The students use their creativity to devise innovative manner to present the lesson in front of the other students and teachers.

Trips and Tours

Education at PNS is learning by doing. And the best way to flow education into the students is by encouraging the students to be a part of educational as well as recreational trips by the school. One of the most important benefits of an educational tour is that it subtly develops an understanding of various social issues around the world. Students get a better grip on the local and the global issues. They become more empathetic and respectful towards other cultures as well as towards their own surroundings